Monday, May 9, 2011

Bike Fix-It Station Installed During Earth Week

In the Fall of last year, Greta Ruediseuli of the Green Grounds Group approached me about giving cyclists access to air pumps and tools that they would need while on Grounds to keep their bikes in good working order.  Fortunately, Andrew Greene (Sustainability Planner) and I had already had some discussion about the Bike Fix-It Stations offered by Dero, a company that specializes in bike amenities.

Greta and Alex of the Green Grounds Group and I started evaluating locations and ultimated decided on a location outside of Clark Hall.  Clark Hall is centrally located on Grounds off of McCormick Road, and features a large concentration of bike parking.  The Fix-It Station was installed during Earth Week and officially unveiled during the Eco-Fair on April 21.

The Bike Fix-It Station features several tools and a bike pump.  Cyclists can hang their bikes on the station and use the tools to make repairs.

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